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About Us

Regard the product as life

SKY CNC constantly pursues excellence, actively responds to customer demands, provides fast quotations, strictly manufactures parts according to drawings, conducts multiple quality inspections, and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality custom parts.

SKY-CNC industrial design, ODM cnc parts

SKY CNC was originally founded in 2004 and was originally an industrial design company. It has now developed into a company that integrates industrial design and CNC machining. We have deep technical accumulation and a better understanding of product R&D and cnc machining, so ① our communication with customers is more smooth; ② in the product R&D stage, we can give improvement suggestions to help customers quickly bring the product to the market.

custom metal parts

SKY CNC focuses on customizing precision metal parts, because we are well-equipped (turning-milling composite machine,3-axis/4-axis/5-axis CNC machining centers, swiss-type machines, medium and large turning-milling composite machines, tapping machine, etc.), so we can process all kinds of metal parts, and the materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, titanium alloy, iron, etc.

cnc turning and milling services
SKY CNC is equipped with new type of turning and milling compound machines, which completes turning and milling processing in one clamping, with high efficiency, precision, and low cost.
Titanium CNC Machining

The processing of titanium alloy is prone to fire, which causes great damage to the cutting tools and is prone to deformation, and it is not easy to make thin-walled and slender parts. SKY CNC has in-depth research on the processing of titanium alloy parts, possesses unique processing techniques, and is good at processing precision titanium alloy parts.

swiss type cnc machining

We have fully automatic loading and unloading swiss type machines, which have advantages in processing small and slender parts, such as medical equipment components, non-standard nuts and screws, slender shafts and other metal parts.

large cnc machining

SKY CNC is also equipped with large-scale turning and milling compound machines, which can process medium and large-sized parts, with the longest length of 1 meter and the maximum diameter of 500mm.

cnc machining projects

SKY-CNC actively engages in the development of numerous research projects with universities such as Sun Yat-sen University, Tianjin University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, showcasing the company’s strengths in industrial design, product development, and precision manufacturing.

In the picture is a scientific research projectjointly conducted by SKY-CNC and Sun Yat-sen University.

Frequently asked questions

What's your MOQ?

We accept orders starting from 1 piece. We have our own industrial design company and have a better understanding of product research and development, sampling, testing and improvement. Choosing us can help you complete product development more quickly and bring it to the market.

How soon can you quote to me?

We have dedicated personnel responsible for quoting, and the fastest quote can be provided in 10 minutes. However, sometimes due to factors such as time difference, we generally quote within 24 hours.

What are your advantages?

We are good at precision metal part cnc machining, turing and milling combined cnc machining, cnc swiss-type machining, titanium parts cnc machining, large part cnc machining. Actually, if you require small-batch processing, then our quotations will be more competitive.

precision cnc machining service